Commercial Irrigation System Service

Environmental Solutions master service technicians can identify and uncover the most complex issues while applying the latest technology to improve water efficiency and reduce your irrigation irritation.  Much like other facets of commercial property management, weekly, monthly and annual tune-ups are highly suggested for any facility manager wishing to maintain the company’s landscape investment whether Environmental Solutions installed the system or not.  Service is critical to proper irrigation operation by repairing faulty valves, controllers or sprinklers, all of which is subsurface and invisible to the naked eye.  Service calls can be reduced or eliminated with system checks during the growing season that include system operation, flow and pressure analysis, and nozzle checks to ensure sprinklers can effectively deliver water.  Commercial irrigation service and maintenance is water conservation in action. 

  • Sprinkler system evaluation
  • Sprinkler repair
  • Seasonal controller reprogramming
  • Repair leaking pipes
  • Sprinkler checks to ensure proper, efficient operation
  • Sprinkler nozzle/filter/stem seal cleaning and replacement
  • Sprinkler relocations based on landscape expansions
  • Valve maintenance including wire-splice, flow-control, solenoid and plunger, valve lid and box accumulated debris removal.
  • Examine drip irrigation for operation, leaks, flush filters, pressure regulation
  • Sensor testing
  • Water usage monitoring
  • Wire tracking and fault detection
  • Alternative water sources (i.e. rain water harvesting tanks)
  • As-built maps