Commercial Landscape Lighting Installation

Does your company want to stand-out amongst the competition?  Environmental Solutions is proud to offer low-cost, long-life LED landscape lighting installation services with products from Cast, Kichler and Alliance.  At only $1 per year, the operating cost for each light is minimal and LED bulbs will last for 50,000 hours or 18 years, even when running for 365 days a year for 6 hours!  Bold landscape lighting will make any commercial property attractive to all by adding contrast and cohesion to the landscape, accentuating focal points, aiding guest traffic and added security.  Using design techniques like wall washing, cross lighting and silhouetting Environmental Solutions can make your business signage, building exterior and parking areas stand out from the rest, even during Winter!  Landscape lighting controls are versatile; systems can be automated from web-based platforms, manual switch or latitude controller that adjusts with the Earth’s rotation.  There are many lamp finishes and lighting colors to choose from, let us help you find a system that will blend with the vision and architecture of your company.  Call for a demonstration today!