Golf Drainage Systems

Do you have standing water on greens, tees or fairways?  Is your turf suffering from shallow roots, limited pore space or lack of nutrient uptake?  Soil drainage is critical to healthy turf as we all know the detrimental effects of poorly drained soils.  A great amount of time and money is poured into highly performing irrigation systems intended to deliver water quickly where deep soil percolation rates may not match the water application rate.  The buzz surrounding recent advancements in greens drainage systems are not new, Environmental Solutions has implemented small diameter drainage for years.  The tools we use reduce or eliminate damage that a green can incur during installation that may undermine successful drainage improvements.  We respect the turf by utilizing AFT equipment, HDPE turf mats, float tires, tip carts and appropriately sized equipment to eliminate any turf disruption.  In addition to traditional drainage systems with collectors and interceptors, slit drainage is a minimal impact method for removing standing water on golf course features.  Depending on the severity of the site, we can also force water evacuation where gravity fails with sump pumps and chambers.