Golf Irrigation Installation

Leader in the industry for HDPE installation, Environmental Solutions is an irrigation contractor recognized by The Golf Course Builders Association of America.  Certified in fusion welding by Isco Industries and HDPE inspections by McElroy Unversity, crews have installed HDPE golf course irrigation systems in adverse locations like granite mountainsides in Vermont, cliff-side rock in the Caribbean, sea coral in Florida and quicksand of North Carolina.  Typical irrigation systems utilizing PVC and ductile iron have been installed by Environmental Solutions at many sites across the US with great success.  Field staff is an orchestrated group of highly skilled irrigation installers with years of experience working for some of our competitors.  Our crews are private club and institution friendly by strictly adhering to etiquette, reducing interruption of play and implementing sensitive construction techniques in delicate locations.  Established relationships with a number of professional consultants and notable golf course architects have afforded valuable project experience working with varied specifications, sites and committees.  All equipment including pullers, trenchers, rock saws, excavators, tractors, tip carts, welders and trucks are owned and maintained ensuring dependable operation, minimal environmental impact and quick mobilization.  Environmental Solutions is committed to providing the highest-quality, user-friendly irrigation system that is water conscious, cost effective, maintains turf and efficient delivering water where it counts, at the root zone.