Golf Site Construction

As an associate builder designated by the Golf Course Builders Association of America, Environmental Solutions offers a full suite of site construction services to aid any remodel or groundbreaking project.  Whether you are renovating a hole to original condition, establishing championship quality field surfaces or building a course from scratch, our shapers can sculpt any design element.  We love to get dirty and enjoy sustainably clearing land, dredging ponds, crushing rock, laying roads, smoothing cartpaths, removing debris, tilling spoils, expanding trash dumps, storing aggregates and pesticides, setting fuel tanks and raising practice netting.  We make teeing surfaces level and safely accessible, fairways are firm and definitive, bunkers are steep and deep, rough is lush and root-free and greens are undulating, fast, responsive and consistently dense.  A strong and carefully crafted foundation is the key to site longevity and consistent playability.

Pond and water feature construction is a natural extension of Environmental Solutions providing a clean source for irrigation systems, detainment of surface and subsurface run-off, creating challenging play and soothing aesthetics.  Pond systems are unique to the site with a wide range of uses, sizes, depths, and sources, as well as, recharge rates, linings, flow control, aerification, safety compliances, water treatment, wildlife sustenance and horticultural interests.  A properly engineered pond is necessary for estimating cut/fill, spoils disposal, structural backfill and containing construction costs. 

Turf establishment is second nature for Environmental Solutions.  Whether your maintenance approach is organic or inorganic; strong, dense, and healthy turf born from sod, seed or sprig is the final piece to a successful golf construction project.  A symbiotic relationship, successful turf requires drainage, water, and proper sand mix provided by Environmental Solutions just as superintendents supply the nutrients and care to maintain vitality, mitigate damage and reduce wear.  We provide a wide variety of USGA approved soil blends with access to any turf species from Paspalum to 007.