Residential Services

Timer operation instruction
Lawn sprinkler maintenance and service is water conservation in action.  Service is critical to proper irrigation operation by repairing faulty valves, controllers or sprinklers, all of which is subsurface and invisible to the naked eye.  Service calls can be reduced or eliminated with proper maintenance during the growing season that include system operation, flow and pressure... Read more»
Trenchless pipe installation
Do you need a lawn sprinkler system?  You have come to the right place!  Originally established 25 years ago in Yarmouth as Irrigation Systems of Maine, Environmental Solutions works closely with homeowners, gardeners and managers on many of Maine's treasured landscapes to install the highest-quality lawn sprinkler system money can buy.  We come to your site free-of-charge and... Read more»
Landscape lighting is very similar to interior lighting systems in their design and performance but the similarities end when it comes to maintenance.  Yes, light bulbs need changing (only rarely with LED bulbs) and switches need re-wiring occasionally but you rarely have the opportunity to move, reposition or extend the lighting circuit.  Our landscape lighting services provide you... Read more»
Environmental Solutions proudly offers high-quality LED landscape lighting installation services with products from Cast, Kichler and Alliance.  Landscape lighting will make any property sparkle by adding contrast and cohesion to the landscape, accentuating focal points, aiding guest traffic and added security.  Using design techniques like shadowing, grazing and backlighting,... Read more»
Lawn Drainage System
Environmental Solutions is keenly aware of the problems poorly drained soils can present with years of proven success working in sensitive conditions sustainably.  Standing water, mossy grass, muddy soils, red thread fungus and algae are just some evidence of poorly drained soils.  The best way to mitigate saturated soils is to install catch basins, drainage piping and gravel filtration... Read more»
Residential booster pump
Do you have access to an unused water resource such as a lake, river or pond?  Tap it with Environmental Solutions completely safe submersible pump systems or quiet, suction-lift systems!  Save money and use well water for drinking and bathing not watering your landscape, the car or the kids’ slip and slide.  We custom design and fabricate plastic pump skids that are portable... Read more»
Environmental Solutions certified design services provide comprehensive site analysis, CAD-drafted plans and details, surveyed drainage design and comprehensive specifications. A design is the best way to ensure an efficient, cost-effective and properly installed irrigation system.  Irrigation designers use existing maps to plan and layout pipe/wire routing, sprinklers, control locations... Read more»