Residential Landscape Lighting Service

Landscape lighting is very similar to interior lighting systems in their design and performance but the similarities end when it comes to maintenance.  Yes, light bulbs need changing (only rarely with LED bulbs) and switches need re-wiring occasionally but you rarely have the opportunity to move, reposition or extend the lighting circuit.  Our landscape lighting services provide you with expert evaluation of your existing system, complete system diagnostics and affordable improvements. 
Landscape Lighting Services Offered:

  • Existing system evaluation
  • System checks – Inspections of all visible equipment in operation
  • Power loss detection
  • Lighting fixture checks to ensure proper alignment, luminosity and anchoring
  • Lens cleaning and replacement; debris removal
  • Colorful lens substitutions
  • Lighting positioning for changes within the landscape layout or plant maturation.
  • Check controller operation and programming. 
  • 24-volt wiring reinstallation and bury
  • Wire tracking and fault detection
  • Adding new circuits or extending existing ones
  • GPS Mapping that shows where wire, electrical appliances and lights are located to aid in service or avoidance