Residential Lawn Sprinkler Service

Lawn sprinkler maintenance and service is water conservation in action.  Service is critical to proper irrigation operation by repairing faulty valves, controllers or sprinklers, all of which is subsurface and invisible to the naked eye.  Service calls can be reduced or eliminated with proper maintenance during the growing season that include system operation, flow and pressure analysis, and nozzle checks to ensure sprinklers can effectively deliver water. 

  • Irrigation system evaluation
  • Lawn sprinkler repair
  • Leaking pipe repair
  • Sprinkler check to ensure proper, efficient operation
  • Sprinkler cleaning and replacement
  • Sprinkler relocations based on landscape expansions
  • Sprinkler repositioning
  • Controller/timer repair
  • Timer operation and programming instruction
  • Wire tracking
  • Sprinklers running during rain events
  • Puddling or run-off on driveways
  • Fast, responsive service calls
  • Multiple crews with eco-friendly vehicles stocked with all parts necessary