Residential Pump Systems

Do you have access to an unused water resource such as a lake, river or pond?  Tap it with Environmental Solutions completely safe submersible pump systems or quiet, suction-lift systems!  Save money and use well water for drinking and bathing not watering your landscape, the car or the kids’ slip and slide.  We custom design and fabricate plastic pump skids that are portable (for seasonal usage), drive water around the motor for cooling and blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Poor pressure from the water district?  Boost it with simple all-in-one pump packages that are affordable, easy to operate and quiet with flexible connections for tight spaces.

Water harvesting is an exciting, new environmentally friendly use of roof drains, surface run-off or excess groundwater seep.  By capturing water slowly over time with sub-surface tanks, pumps can be utilized to distribute water to an automatic irrigation system, equipment wash pad and vegetable/perennial garden or farm use.  Advanced methods in water treatment keep water clean and clear while eliminating unwanted pests.  Environmental Solutions has completed several LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) design and installation projects, consult with us on how to obtain the maximum amount of credits.