Sports Facility Services

Poor sprinkler location
In 2006, Environmental Solutions was the first company to install an HDPE irrigation system on an athletic field in New England.  Since then, we have been putting smiles on kids’ faces and trophies in halls on many projects throughout the Northeast utilizing a variety of materials on varying sites.  As managers, you want to be proud of your facility, a lush, colorful, consistent... Read more»
Poor sprinkler pressure
Do you have large donuts appearing in the turf fields?  Or have colored water pouring from the sprinkler?  Don't have time to raise all of your sprinklers?  As managers, we know your greatest concern is the field surface and when you have no time, tools or experience for work below grade, you always have Environmental Solutions in your pocket.  No matter your brand of... Read more»
Athletic field drainage trench
Facility managers are under constant pressure to keep fields healthy, attractive and ready for use.  Heavy schedules make this a major challenge because using facilities during saturated conditions compacts the soil, consequently threatening the turf.  We offer a variety of options of dewatering puddle areas and displacement of sub-surface water percolation. Existing and new... Read more»
Just because someone knows how to run a grader, doesn't mean they can build a successful sports facility.  During the planning phase, it is important to hire an experienced facility designer or design/build company to develop a very detailed set of material and installation specifications for the new fields or arenas to be constructed.  If an appropriate plan is in place with... Read more»
Irrigation pump set
Most irrigation systems serving schools, campuses or parks originate from municipal supplies.  There is no doubt as to the quality and reliability of municipal water, however there is inconsistency in supply and pressure.  As an authorized pump station service provider since 2007, Environmental Solutions can repair complete pumping systems, skids, manifolds, probes, filters, valves and... Read more»
irrigation design
As with the layout of the facility itself, proper design of the irrigation or drainage system is a critical step; a poorly planned facility cannot be made to work properly with repairs later. The facility and systems design should be driven by user safety, as well as the need for dependability, efficiency and reduced maintenance. As a design/build contractor, Environmental Solutions uses the... Read more»