Sports Irrigation Service

Do you have large donuts appearing in the turf fields?  Or have colored water pouring from the sprinkler?  Don't have time to raise all of your sprinklers?  As managers, we know your greatest concern is the field surface and when you have no time, tools or experience for work below grade, you always have Environmental Solutions in your pocket.  No matter your brand of choice, our long-term relationships with product manufacturers afford flexibility in selection and ease of product matching while eliminating new and confusing parts.  Empower your facility managers with the correct tool for the job, Environmental Solutions. 

  • Sprinkler repair, relocation and improvements
  • Pipe leak detection and repair
  • Valve service (zones won't turn on or off when programmed)
  • Wire fault detection and troubleshooting
  • Hand watering connections for infield syringes
  • Soil or environment based irrigation systems
  • Water management and savings tools
  • Irrigation expansions
  • Single system configuration for multi-use sports fields
  • Poor pressure or water quality improvements
  • Design/Build Company = free designs with every proposal