Commercial Design & GPS

Efficient system operation simply means utilizing the least amount of water and electricity to provide enough water for plant materials to sustain optimal health.  Efficient irrigation is achieved through a combination of proper design, appropriately selected materials and specific programming for the environment and season.  The design will show intended areas for irrigation, pipe sizing from the point-of-connection to the sprinkler, zone valve sizing with expected flow rates and appropriately selected materials.  An experienced designer will suggest the use of smart controllers which take into account environmental or soil conditions when programming the controller and scheduling operation.  Smart controllers remove all guesswork related to programming including climate, operation and seasonal adjustments utilizing historical data, weather station or soil moisture sensor saving you time, money and municipal fines for inappropriate irrigation.  Utilizing a combination of smart technologies can reduce your water bill by at least 30% and we can prove it.

GPS is the technology used to create as-built plans and record drawings of projects during and after installation.  GPS technology utilizes orbiting satellites and ground base station data to accurately locate anything on the planet exposed to the environment.  The GPS accuracy is sub-meter and uses points, lines and data to convey the natural world, you become the pencil on a canvas the size of the world.  GPS is an incredibly beneficial tool that replaces the human memory and can be enhanced for generations.