Commercial Services

Commercial Landscape Lighting Installation

Does your company want to stand-out amongst the competition?  Environmental Solutions is proud to offer low-cost, long-life LED landscape lighting installation services with products from Cast, Kichler and Alliance.  At only $1 per year, the operating cost for each light is minimal and LED bulbs will last for 50,000 hours or 18 years, even when running for 365 days a year for 6 hours!  Bold landscape lighting will make any commercial property attractive to all by adding contrast and cohesion to the landscape, accentuating focal points, aiding guest traffic and added security.

Commercial Pump Systems

Commercial pumping systems may not be required on every site but if your facility has a large campus, inadequate municipal supply or varying topography, a custom fabricated pump station could be the answer.  Sprinklers require consistent pressures greater than municipal supplies afford to operate, be efficient and cost effective at installation.  Utilizing quality pumps, drives, motors, sensors and filters from established manufacturers, Environmental Solutions can fabricate any piping configuration in a variety of materials for any space. 

Commercial Design & GPS

Efficient system operation simply means utilizing the least amount of water and electricity to provide enough water for plant materials to sustain optimal health.  Efficient irrigation is achieved through a combination of proper design, appropriately selected materials and specific programming for the environment and season.  The design will show intended areas for irrigation, pipe sizing from the point-of-connection to the sprinkler, zone valve sizing with expected flow rates and appropriately selected materials.  An experienced designer will suggest the use of smart controllers which take

Commercial Drainage Systems

Environmental Solutions has a wide variety of drainage options for dewatering stubborn soils, groundwater seep, developing retention/detention ponds and mitigating surface or building runoff.  We can even develop rooftop rainwater harvesting systems that provide water for the irrigation system.  We have extensive experience in a variety of sizes from 2-inch all the way up to 48-inch.

Commercial Irrigation System Service

Environmental Solutions master service technicians can identify and uncover the most complex issues while applying the latest technology to improve water efficiency and reduce your irrigation irritation.  Much like other facets of commercial property management, weekly, monthly and annual tune-ups are highly suggested for any facility manager wishing to maintain the company’s landscape investment whether Environmental Solutions installed the system or not.  Service is critical to proper irrigation operation by repairing faulty valves, controllers or sprinklers, all of which is subsurface an

Commercial Irrigation System Installation

Environmental Solutions has maintained a long list of satisfied and devoted commercial, municipal, and institutional irrigation customers through the years.  Environmental Solutions provides high-quality installation expertise to any project large or small by collaborating with civil engineers, landscape architects and property managers developing long-term relationships, honest recommendations and diverse projects.  Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, system installation is precise and consistent with no damage to landscape investments.  We own and maintain our equipment ensuring proper

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