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Spring Run Golf Club - 27-hole irrigation installation
Secession Golf Club - HDPE mainline and freshwater system installation with bunker shaping, rough mounding and fairway modifications
Atlantic Beach Country Club - 18-hole HDPE irrigation
NAS-Jacksonville Golf Club - Golf course repairs and 27 green irrigation renovations
TPC Sawgrass - Installation fo 6, 8 and 10 inch mainline including service taps on the Valley Course

Golf Design & GPS

An experienced irrigation design professional will afford the golf club savings in both time and money in the long run.  As a design/build contractor, Environmental Solutions uses the latest technology to convey existing, proposed and installed irrigation, drainage or site construction projects.  Our design process typically begins with a physical evaluation of the current systems, turf grass condition and soil analysis.  We utilize existing imagery, topography, orthography or in-house GPS services to create a base map from which to design and convey the project intention.  Designing an eff

Golf Site Construction

As an associate builder designated by the Golf Course Builders Association of America, Environmental Solutions offers a full suite of site construction services to aid any remodel or groundbreaking project.  Whether you are renovating a hole to original condition, establishing championship quality field surfaces or building a course from scratch, our shapers can sculpt any design element.  We love to get dirty and enjoy sustainably clearing land, dredging ponds, crushing rock, laying roads, smoothing cartpaths, removing debris, tilling spoils, expanding trash dumps, storing aggregates and p

Golf Pumpstations

Environmental Solutions, your pump station cardiac surgeon, can initialize, repair and install complete pumping systems, skids, manifolds, probes, filters, valves and pumps of all sizes.  Pump start-up, winterization, testing, operational reporting, calibration and performance enhancements can also be provided.  In addition to pump service, we engineer, assemble and install booster, sump, vertical turbine, submersible, vertical multi-stage centrifugal and suction-lift (horizontal centrifugal) pumping systems capable of delivering any specified flow at any pressure requirement.  Environmenta

Golf Irrigation Service

Failures and shut-downs happen when you least expect which is why you need an emergency service team in place capable of repairing any piping, wiring, electrical or pump station problem encountered.  Your properly trained in-house staff are more than capable to replace a sprinkler or wire splice but have little resource to permanently repair mainlines, laterals, fittings, valve, field controllers or anything else with specific parts.  Environmental Solutions has professional relationships with many product manufacturers which affords a large, up-to-date knowledge base, appropriate alternati

Golf Irrigation Installation

Leader in the industry for HDPE installation, Environmental Solutions is an irrigation contractor recognized by The Golf Course Builders Association of America.  Certified in fusion welding by Isco Industries and HDPE inspections by McElroy Unversity, crews have installed HDPE golf course irrigation systems in adverse locations like granite mountainsides in Vermont, cliff-side rock in the Caribbean, sea coral in Florida and quicksand of North Carolina.  Typical irrigation systems utilizing PVC and ductile iron have been installed by Environmental Solutions at many sites across the US with g

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